What do you think about registering your face as a trademark?
King Camp Gillette, an inventor and a founder of The Gillette Company, did it in 1906. You can find the Danish trademark with Gillette's face here: onlineweb.dkpto.dk/pvsonline/V

The trademark is still active, so Gillette's face has legal protection even after almost century.

And you know what? On this image Gillette is with unshaven mustache! I mean, is this face appropriate for razor brand?

You are telling me, I could register my face and bring down every social network account with my picture?

@barbanegra 😄 No, you couldn't)) However, maybe this could work in some jurisdictions... 🤔

I've finally watched the video :) Thank you for the link! Yeah, this IT-guy discovered the magic of trademarks 😄
Indeed, usually it's enough to have only a national trademark to convince Instagram, Twitter, etc. to block a fake account. However, there is an obvious problem: what if you use a similar designation in other country and your consumers are in other country too? In such cases it would be unfair to block you for a trademark violation... but Instagram guys don't care.


Moreover, trademarks are registered for certain products, so you can have a trademark "Sad&Sunny" for such goods as beer, but Instagram guys usually don't think about it, they just block someone who use the designation "Sunny&Sad" in blog about drugs.
And it's a real problem, because business of many people depends on their social media blogs. Trademarks are amazing but some companies policies are not.

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I am planning to study a few courses from the WIPO, I am days away from finishing my master on Law of IT, but now I want to learn more about intellectual property. We were too focused on data protection

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