there is a special chef who makes sauces in professional kitchens – saucier.

I'm sure, making sauces is ! I mean, I have tried make a couple of complex sauces recently and that was not easy. And the result was wondering. I felt that was not just something technical, but artistic (it doesn't mean I am an artist, I'm just an amator).

So I would say that almost every sauce is an artistic work. Then it must be protected by ... 🤔

But there is an obvious little problem...


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If some certain sauce is an artistic work, it is going to be lost after a few hours after its creation. You say "Yummy!" and destroying a work.

Actually, just an original storage of the work would be lost, but not the very work. Every time a creates this again it is a work. It would be hard to determine the connection between a new sauce and an original, but this is just a technical problem, not .


If the technical problem of determining the connection between a derivative sauce and an original was solved, sauciers would have an opportunity to protect their creations from unauthorized copying by competitors and save their sauce art as their own legacy. Like Mr. Krabs, protecting his secret recipe from Plankton.


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