Intellectual property law changes worlds and gods!

In 2001-2005 years D&D adventures of the Ravenloft setting was been creating by White Wolf Publishing under the license issued by Wizards of the Coast (the owner of Dungeons & Dragons). However, the license didn't cover the pantheon of gods of the classic D&D world Forgotten Realms...


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Then White Wolf created their own pantheon of gods. Of course, most of them are just analogues of original D&D gods (like the Morninglord, the clone of Lathander). Nevertheless, the new pantheon has been retained after the license was revoked and full rights to Ravenloft was backed to Wizards of the Coast.


License provisions from the real world left a significant footprint on a virtual world that is sometimes a quite real for players. So just think about new worlds that are created now and will be created in future, that become more and more important than the real world for our society.

Just think about the influence of IP licenses on these worlds.


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