My task managemment a bit evaluated last weeks. For a long time I had been using as it's perfect to make lists of tasks, but then my system of lists became too complex, and Trello notifications didn't satisfy me, so I decided to choose some another app.

Nevertheless, Trello is still my main app for other kinds of lists: wishlist, reading list, checklists, etc.


My next choice for writing tasks down was . I don't know why. Actually, after a couple of days I've sadly found that the app is too slow and requires too many taps to make or edit a task. And I don't understand the feature of its calendar that is actually isn't independent, but just a way to browse a system calendar - why for?

My current choice is . Some time ago I didn't catch it's point and removed it after a few days of using because gamification required additional efforts like managing game progress and setting complexity of tasks... Now I have read the wiki of Habitica and understand some key points. actually shouldn't be the attempt to make tasks management a game. The app just helps manage tasks with more fun and motivation, but it's still first of all a app.

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