Oh, there is a research on how federated social networks and messengers "would likely not be in line with consumer interests" as "people proactively use the boundaries between communications services to compartmentalize their social contacts according to relationship closeness".

Seriously? 😕!

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@VGM This reads to me like a typical example of thinking shaped by the current, centralized offerings: An idea you can only have a single account per service. “It's like that on Facebook and Twitter, so that must obviously be enforced everywhere.”

@Steinar @VGM yeah, this

like, people have learned to compartmentalize their email habits for several different email addresses for decades already, so it's a no-brainer to replicate the habit on other federated services

@VGM There's no more user-hostile category of commonly used software than social media, which is generally meant only to extract metadata, and collaboratively developed social media like Mastodon or Pleroma don't fix everything but do way less harm to way less users (when they do, it's mostly because their users haven't disabled their accounts on capitalistic platforms, Pavlov effect, etc.).

The claim that "people compartmentalize their social contacts according to relationship closeness"… It's as if they were discovering the "filter bubbles" effect? Which apparently is due to how electrons work on silicium (and not to this capitalistic economic model)?

By swapping the word "#consumer" with "corporate" or "#consumerist", it might make sense. How do they define "#consumerInterests"? *wink


Yeah, that's complete bullshit. lolz.

The entire world of both personal and business Internet communication is and has been underpinned by Email and nowadays, that is often supplemented by a [mobile] telephone number.

It doesn't get much more distributed than Email ;)

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