If you help pirates to make money from ads, it's unlikely to solve copyright problems.

Martin Scorsese: "And we have to make it crystal clear to the current legal owners of these films that they amount to much, much more than mere property to be exploited and then locked away.”

// Jeff Bezos thinks our cultural heritage is just ‘intellectual property’


As much as this is obvious for me, as a lawyer of continental law, that law texts are not protected by copyright, as much this strikes me that in The Commonwealth the laws are protected by Crown and Parliamentary copyright and may be freely used under the Open Government License.

Concerns about blockchain 

Imagine Alice providing some nice product or a piece of art under a license. What if Bob violates the license and uploads a derivative of the product to without following license requirements? And perhaps next derivatives will be too far from the original to be determined as its derivatives, so evil plan of Bob to destroy a thread of free derivatives is successful.
How to force Bob to remove his infringing derivative from blockchain?

When people tell me robots cannot be copyright holders of works they created because robots are not persons, I just notice that the rivers became legal persons in India. Rivers! That's right, rivers can have rights.
🔗 newsweek.com/human-rights-wate

And it's ok.
Law is just an instrument to make the world a better place. We can imagine and establish any legal institutes we want. So if it is useful to grant rivers, robots or even spoons with rights, we can just do it.

License provisions from the real world left a significant footprint on a virtual world that is sometimes a quite real for players. So just think about new worlds that are created now and will be created in future, that become more and more important than the real world for our society.

Just think about the influence of IP licenses on these worlds.


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Then White Wolf created their own pantheon of gods. Of course, most of them are just analogues of original D&D gods (like the Morninglord, the clone of Lathander). Nevertheless, the new pantheon has been retained after the license was revoked and full rights to Ravenloft was backed to Wizards of the Coast.


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Intellectual property law changes worlds and gods!

In 2001-2005 years D&D adventures of the Ravenloft setting was been creating by White Wolf Publishing under the license issued by Wizards of the Coast (the owner of Dungeons & Dragons). However, the license didn't cover the pantheon of gods of the classic D&D world Forgotten Realms...


Image is from: enworld.org/threads/an-atlas-o

there is a special chef who makes sauces in professional kitchens – saucier.

I'm sure, making sauces is ! I mean, I have tried make a couple of complex sauces recently and that was not easy. And the result was wondering. I felt that was not just something technical, but artistic (it doesn't mean I am an artist, I'm just an amator).

So I would say that almost every sauce is an artistic work. Then it must be protected by ... 🤔

But there is an obvious little problem...


I like how Multics License was intended not only to give everyone permission to use the software free, but also to care about brands of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and BULL HN Information Systems Inc. It seems to be a quite underestimated way of trademark protection!


The collaboration of GUCCI and Sims 4 moders! Sounds amazing, but I suppose it can be determined as the violation of the license agreement between EA and players. I am also not sure that there is no trademark infringement of Sims 4 brand.


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COVID-19: save lives with open intellectual-property licences

I'm proud of being an associate at the company that supports Open COVID Pledge. We help right holders to share their intellecual property. I'm sure this will make the world better, and I'm happy to be the part of this movement.


Neil Young sues Donald Trump campaign for using his music. The musician claims that Rockin’ in the Free World and Devil’s Sidewalk were played at the president’s recent rally in Tulsa without a license.

It's really funny, because 5 years ago Trump campaign manager promised they will stop using Young's music. Moreover, the used song was the same.


Free licenses actually can't make software completely free. Software can be protected not only by copyright, but also by trademarks, design rights and patents.
The perfect illustration is Tinder. Let me just show you IP protection of Tinder in US.


Owners of web services often don't understand this, but the text of the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy is intellectual property. Although most of these texts are very similar, this doesn't mean that unauthorized copying of them (even with minor editing) isn't an infringement.

If you have no objection to copying your texts by other people, don't forget to add this notice and refer to some kind of free license.

Olivia de Havilland has died at the age of 104. She was the last surviving star from "Gone with the Wind" (1939).

Symbolically, this year the novel "Gone with the Wind" has lost copyright protection and has become public domain.

1. Do you remember in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" Ginny Weasley wrote scary texts in blood on the wall while posessed by the Tom Riddle spirit?

A strange question: Who has the copyright to these texts – Ginny or Tom?

A strange answer: The same question has been considered by UK and US courts.

Here is a thread about the copyright to texts dictated by spirits and ghosts 👻

Russian rock musician Andrey Makarevich, leader of the band "Mashina Vremeni", is going to sue a deputy of the City Council of Novosibirsk from the party "United Russia" (the ruling political party of Russia) for using a line from his song in campaigning.


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