That is what me and my colleagues have talked many times: corporations serving big social systems become new quasi-jurisdictions in image of archaic institutes. Significance of corporate quasi- is high as significance of corporations decisions at all - especially for and protection.

Believe me, blocking of social web pages under an administration's decision may be more effective than taking a action. And this practice must be researched.

The day before 2021, the Russian Government obliged two US companies to issue licenses to their patents for Remdesivir (antiviral medication used to treat ) to the Russian company. This is the 1st time in history when the Government used this opportunity under the art. 1360 of the Russian Civil Code.

On April 1, these US companies filed a claim against the Russian Government. The hearing will be held on May 27.

If some certain sauce is an artistic work, it is going to be lost after a few hours after its creation. You say "Yummy!" and destroying a work.

Actually, just an original storage of the work would be lost, but not the very work. Every time a creates this again it is a work. It would be hard to determine the connection between a new sauce and an original, but this is just a technical problem, not .


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To prevent spreading of Russian arbitrazh courts (spesialized state for economic disputes) got the opportunity to make online hearings. However, there is no any regulating this. So some courts do such online hearings regularly, but others don't, just because they don't want.🤷
In result, there is no effective measures against the as well as no rule of .

Last week I wrote about , the last star of "Gone with the Wind" (1939).

The really important thing you should know is that one of key cases of history is named after her.

De Havilland Law is a precedent of 1943 that allows actors to star in films of another film company, even if their contract with current company forbid it. Olivia's legal struggles have given other actors more freedom.

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Neil Young sues Donald Trump campaign for using his music. The musician claims that Rockin’ in the Free World and Devil’s Sidewalk were played at the president’s recent rally in Tulsa without a license.

It's really funny, because 5 years ago Trump campaign manager promised they will stop using Young's music. Moreover, the used song was the same.


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