Canadian court finds Subway’s trademark rights infringed by cannabis retailer that adopted “Budway” parody mark

Sounds reasonable. I would say there is an obvious risk of confusing consumers who might thing that Subway is just growing their business 🤷‍♀️

"It’s incredibly difficult to have a small business owner literally crying tears on the phone with you, because they just lost their or their business overnight"

Brand Fallen Victim to World War

Rights for Aspirin were transferred to the winners of the war according to the peace treaty… but was it actually?

Idea: a position for the church to protect the blessing cross gesture

I like how Multics License was intended not only to give everyone permission to use the software free, but also to care about brands of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and BULL HN Information Systems Inc. It seems to be a quite underestimated way of trademark protection!

The collaboration of GUCCI and Sims 4 moders! Sounds amazing, but I suppose it can be determined as the violation of the license agreement between EA and players. I am also not sure that there is no trademark infringement of Sims 4 brand.

What do you think about registering your face as a trademark?
King Camp Gillette, an inventor and a founder of The Gillette Company, did it in 1906. You can find the Danish trademark with Gillette's face here:

The trademark is still active, so Gillette's face has legal protection even after almost century.

And you know what? On this image Gillette is with unshaven mustache! I mean, is this face appropriate for razor brand?

COVID-19: save lives with open intellectual-property licences

I'm proud of being an associate at the company that supports Open COVID Pledge. We help right holders to share their intellecual property. I'm sure this will make the world better, and I'm happy to be the part of this movement.

Free licenses actually can't make software completely free. Software can be protected not only by copyright, but also by trademarks, design rights and patents.
The perfect illustration is Tinder. Let me just show you IP protection of Tinder in US.


Who do you think is the owner of the Dogbook social network?

If you think about Facebook, then it really makes sence for Facebook to file an opposition before the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board against applicant Daniel Stallard’s DOGBOOK trademark application over the likelihood of confusion and dilution of FACEBOOK trademark.

But if not... Daniel Stallard has to fight for its brand protection.


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