Little scenes I see every day in my neighborhood in Tay Ho. I never get tired of seeing it all and taking photographs of it. The second shot is my little street. Love it all #hanoi #vietnam #photography

Just noticing that the Federal Constitutional Court of Germany building is beautiful

(The photo by Tobias Helfrich is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0)

@wilmhit I see.
It depends on imagination. Imagine the world without that is actually . Or imagine the world where your works may be used by awful people who don't deserve it but you can't control this.
Or imagine how you can spread good ideas via copyright .

To get started, you may check these posts:

@wilmhit Who are "we"?
And what IP do you mean: trademark law, copyright, patent law, traditional knowledge, design rights, trade secrets, plant breeders' rights, geographical indications?

"The Technodrome was kind of like The Factory and Shredder was our Warhol" 💔

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Making a character sheet is like beer: first you don't like it, and then you do

Martin Scorsese: "And we have to make it crystal clear to the current legal owners of these films that they amount to much, much more than mere property to be exploited and then locked away.”

// Jeff Bezos thinks our cultural heritage is just ‘intellectual property’

💊 Russia: The first ever case of challenging a compulsory license is considered. The Supreme Court rejected the claim of the US company Gilead, the owner of the patent for remdesivir.


It sucks when all the party members contribute to a boss kill but the final hit always belongs to the same player!
All I can is enjoy that I am that player 😏

@neil All we secretly dream about Boston Legal vibe 😏

I donated to Standard Ebooks.
They take existing transcribed public domain works, and format them in a manner that meets or exceeds commercial quality.
Books (written media in general) is exceedingly important for society, and making it as nice as possible to read (and later reference!) is a vital goal that most don't bother tackling - but they do.

I said I'd post here whenever I #donate and so I have.

@dch The first take sounds like a conspiracy theory 😕
It doesn't mean I agree with injustice of system, I'm just pointing to the fact that the origin and history of courts and law are barely so simple) @Hukadan

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