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@pinkprius The best response to people bragging about how many hours they worked is to ask how many they got paid for, and if they get extra pay for overtime then ask them what time they're going to use that money with, if they're always working.

I was surprised that a head of a lilac sprout appears from a seed, because usually a seed stays underground. Sometimes I thought my lilac is just a bit queer... but now I see all lilacs are the same. The lilac deserves someone who knows more about .

Fun fact: I saw the second seed tryed to sprout, but it seems like it looked around and thought: "Oh, no" and burrowed again.


I have more than an idle thought. This is an issue I care deeply about, but is often not discussed in our community.

It would ideally consist of talks on a variety of Free Culture topics- from artists, musicians, writers, to folks from organizations like Creative Common, Wikipedia, and others. People talking about art, licenses, software, diversity.

This is a huge topic with lots of intersectionality.

Yesterday I tested Tales form the Loop . Actually that was my first time of being a gamemaster. It was awkward, but I dealt with it.

Well, Tales from the Loop is a quite pretty game to fun with friends. Characters are easy to create, the gameplay is simple to learn, the sci-fi narrative is fascinating, and players have a lot of opportunities to express their characters and take a significant part in an adventure. I like it and will enjoy to try one more one-shot :)

As much as this is obvious for me, as a lawyer of continental law, that law texts are not protected by copyright, as much this strikes me that in The Commonwealth the laws are protected by Crown and Parliamentary copyright and may be freely used under the Open Government License.

I'm an inventor. Particularly, I've invented a new system of my desktop. There are 3 groups of apps:
1. The I use often and regularly are on the main (central) screen.
2. The apps I use sometimes but not often are grouped in folders on the left screen.
3. And the apps I use not regularly but sometimes need them to launch quickly are on the right screen.
You're welcome to use this brilliant method freely. Don't bless me.

This week I understood why so many people hate lawyers. As a lawyer, I always prepare to the worst and insist on a lot of formalities to prevent it. Because I know that will help in case of problems. These moments make people furious: why not be more hearted?
Well, I'm just have some very sad professional experience and try to keep my friends out of troubles 🤷

Hello! I am a music composer and sound designer from Russia. I usually post jokes and everyday thoughts in Russian and everything related to my professional activity in English.


My music:

Many Russian users are migrating to due to half-blocking of Twitter by Russian censorship authority.

It's sad that people need to choose something that is more ethical and just better.

Anyway, I'm glad to see new nice people in Fediverse!

Удивительно, но здесь почему-то такая атмосфера, что пока не хочется материться, это очень странно, продолжаю наблюдение.

I hate to be the party pooper with all those exciting new possibilities that code inside of NFTs opens up, but with great power comes great responsibility:

Respect the licenses of the code you embed. You might not be allowed to charge for it. Give credit if the license says so.

Concerns about blockchain 

Imagine Alice providing some nice product or a piece of art under a license. What if Bob violates the license and uploads a derivative of the product to without following license requirements? And perhaps next derivatives will be too far from the original to be determined as its derivatives, so evil plan of Bob to destroy a thread of free derivatives is successful.
How to force Bob to remove his infringing derivative from blockchain?

It always felt wrong to start a programming language design already having a type system in mind. I couldn't put my finger on it before, but now I think I understand why.

There is well known tradeoff between exploration and exploitation when it comes to solution search.

During *exploration* you try to open undiscovered areas. Something that might not be very viable at the beginning but in the long run could lead to outstanding results. During *exploitation* you try to find best solutions in selected area, relying on already accumulated assets.

Eventually exploration and exploitation would be in conflict, since resources are limited. You can resolve this conflict differently depending on the task you're trying to accomplish.

If you want to design a PL that is more convenient for humans, starting with a type system in mind would pull you away from exploration too early. There might be a brilliant solution that is incompatible with that type system.

You can always think how to limit flexibility and reduce space for errors later.

I've spent a few minutes to compress images on my website and now the entire size is reduced by 33%.

I'm still not ready to join , but btw you can learn more about this nice movement created by @kev:

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My website is a little bit visually updated. Now with cover images for pages and emojis in headlines the whole site looks more friendly. Not too friendly, but enough for a 's website 😈

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Short daily research sessions (just 10 minutes is enough, if I am not got carried away to continue) has helped me to remember why I love . It's important to focus on the process of studying itself, rather than on some big goal (like publishing an article or thesis).

Every day I make little discoveries. This is so exciting! And it really motivates to make an effort against , frustration, fear and exhaustion.


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Nevertheless, It's still hard to struggle with procrastination and laziness. However, the fear of ending the day without any progress became stronger than the fear to continue my research that is like has no finish. Short daily research sessions are my new evening routine that helps me to end the day on a better note.


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