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The only thing I dislike in is that in case you fail the final trouble you... just go home. Yep, if you lose the battle with a final boss you just became upset and wait for the next mystery :welp: That's what my players completly wouldn't accept! So I had to allow them... to kill an adult who was the main baddy. It wasn't actually appropriate to the TftL vibe, but it makes characters closer to each other and adds a special mood like "I know what you did last summer" 👀

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Well, I've tried Tales from the Loop again. It was very cheerful! I like how players alow themselves to be just kids and make stupid funny things )))

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The day before 2021, the Russian Government obliged two US companies to issue licenses to their patents for Remdesivir (antiviral medication used to treat ) to the Russian company. This is the 1st time in history when the Government used this opportunity under the art. 1360 of the Russian Civil Code.

On April 1, these US companies filed a claim against the Russian Government. The hearing will be held on May 27.

Brand Fallen Victim to World War

Rights for Aspirin were transferred to the winners of the war according to the peace treaty… but was it actually?

Turning messenger notifications off is my decision of the year 😊
Paradoxically, it helps to respond on messages faster, because there is no more constant flow of messages causing anxiety and making me to procrastinate before shoveling all of them.

Recording a podcast in the Academic Council Hall and discussing Facebook as a quasi-jurisdiction with young law students is extremely exciting!

"Let me down" by Oliver Tree feat. blink-182 is banal... but so perfect! Sometimes I don't need extraordinary things, but just something that makes me feel good.

@pinkprius The best response to people bragging about how many hours they worked is to ask how many they got paid for, and if they get extra pay for overtime then ask them what time they're going to use that money with, if they're always working.

I was surprised that a head of a lilac sprout appears from a seed, because usually a seed stays underground. Sometimes I thought my lilac is just a bit queer... but now I see all lilacs are the same. The lilac deserves someone who knows more about .

Fun fact: I saw the second seed tryed to sprout, but it seems like it looked around and thought: "Oh, no" and burrowed again.


I have more than an idle thought. This is an issue I care deeply about, but is often not discussed in our community.

It would ideally consist of talks on a variety of Free Culture topics- from artists, musicians, writers, to folks from organizations like Creative Common, Wikipedia, and others. People talking about art, licenses, software, diversity.

This is a huge topic with lots of intersectionality.

Yesterday I tested Tales form the Loop . Actually that was my first time of being a gamemaster. It was awkward, but I dealt with it.

Well, Tales from the Loop is a quite pretty game to fun with friends. Characters are easy to create, the gameplay is simple to learn, the sci-fi narrative is fascinating, and players have a lot of opportunities to express their characters and take a significant part in an adventure. I like it and will enjoy to try one more one-shot :)

As much as this is obvious for me, as a lawyer of continental law, that law texts are not protected by copyright, as much this strikes me that in The Commonwealth the laws are protected by Crown and Parliamentary copyright and may be freely used under the Open Government License.

I'm an inventor. Particularly, I've invented a new system of my desktop. There are 3 groups of apps:
1. The I use often and regularly are on the main (central) screen.
2. The apps I use sometimes but not often are grouped in folders on the left screen.
3. And the apps I use not regularly but sometimes need them to launch quickly are on the right screen.
You're welcome to use this brilliant method freely. Don't bless me.

This week I understood why so many people hate lawyers. As a lawyer, I always prepare to the worst and insist on a lot of formalities to prevent it. Because I know that will help in case of problems. These moments make people furious: why not be more hearted?
Well, I'm just have some very sad professional experience and try to keep my friends out of troubles 🤷

Hello! I am a music composer and sound designer from Russia. I usually post jokes and everyday thoughts in Russian and everything related to my professional activity in English.


My music:

Many Russian users are migrating to due to half-blocking of Twitter by Russian censorship authority.

It's sad that people need to choose something that is more ethical and just better.

Anyway, I'm glad to see new nice people in Fediverse!

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