Just trying to move somewhere for a job but boomer investors keep squeezing me out so looks like I will continue to siphon most of the money I make to assholes who wanna buy their third boat or whatever

Leather Mommy vibes

Description: A selfie of me in ma kitchen smiling looking at camera. Wearing leather jacket and pants and looking overall like some hot girl shit.

Oops forgot about this app for a bit, please expect only inconsistencies from me

Me looking like a hot af Valkyrie 

I eat axe not ass

Description: Me high as fuck yesterday wearing a cute purple outfit, my pupils are hella dilated.


Dropped some acid, it was pretty fun,


Oops just got drunk and high instead, maybe next time!

Image description: A selfie of me, dressed pretty for the Winter Solstice. Green and gold eye shadow compliment red lipstick and floral gold hoop earrings. A rush t-shirt and green viking age apron is worn on my torso.


Happy Solstice gonna drop Acid tonight wish me luck

Thor: Ragnarok is a great movie as long as you think of it as being Thor acting out the story of what happened for the children on board the escape ship.

"Please, kind sir, don't cut my hair." Is suddenly brilliant storytelling and everything makes sense with that framing.

Just imagine, a future in which the highest most esteemed government office is "Grand Librarian".

Been playing so much AC Valhalla might write a paper on it

i feel like this is gonna be the first and only platform where i won’t feel pressured to make myself palatable to the liberals or nt cishets, and i just think that’s neat

It seems like you all post about 1 hundred toots a day, how the hell do i keep up😳

Also, I have some radical ideas for reorganizing Canada's military, specifically with the threat of American invasion and occupation in mind, so again if people are interested I will elaborate.🌹😍🌹

Instead they are sent to warm comfy summer camps, where social workers and therapists guide them through their traumas and insecurities while they are high on shrooms and LSD. They are not allowed to leave until they are de-radicalized. That could be two weeks or six months, but the idea is a combination of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy plus the mind opening power of psychedelics may finally bestow just a crumb of empathy to the fascists and capitalists, then maybe we can reintegrate them

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