Finally some much-needed rain in my neck of the Canadian prairies! I'm soaked and all my clothes are soaked but ahhhhhhh!

I taught a session on today to mostly grad students. I'm going to need to have a fallback if I do this again for some of the students who don't yet have publications. Maybe separate sessions for those who have published and those who haven't?

One of my favourites from the old days of the internet. Look it up!

Oh, and yes, she only has 3 legs. It somehow makes her even more endearing.

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This is Miley. She is a pug/French bulldog cross. She's the sweetest thing and I love her. 💕

I should talk a bit more about my work. I'm the liaison librarian for the College of Agriculture and Bioresources as well as the School of Environment and Sustainability at . I'm interested in librarians as researchers, research methods, , , and . My other masters degree is in English. From humanities to the sciences. Evergreen progression for many librarians.

I'm a middle-aged academic librarian (former radio dj) from the prairies in Canada.

Here because of muskman on Twitter, although I will still be there too to see how things shake down.

I'm currently trying to come to terms with my 2021 adventure with cancer. Enjoy reading, music, country living (but not country music so much), and trying to make sense of it all.

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