I am rather weebish in my relationship cutsiness.

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It is werid that tankies haven't read shit from their own theory, just watched some random guy on youtube and then tell you that you need to read more theory

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some hot Marxist woman has to go back in time and fuck Barack Obama in college to fix the timeline


Hey i love your content ! what's your opinion on tankies, straight up not having reading the theory they like so much!

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I hate being tired and unable to sleep 😡 And now I have to smoke half a pack of ciggs, of course.

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The fascists were right.
ANTIFA is the government.


I love this game so fucking much! I am playing it with my gf ^_^
Evoland 2

p.s They have some of programmers and developers names in the gravestones lol.


I like mas.to so far. One of the pluses is that no one is a nazi aaaand it's not twitter.

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god damn, that "urgent message for vehicle owner" and "this is your second message, the warranty on your vehicle has expired" scam is in overdrive, i get like, 5 spam calls a day

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Like, I dunno, maybe your Dem-voting auntie, really does crave normalcy; that's fine - she's not gonna get it, none of us are, but I don't think she's a liar or a muppet.

But these folks on my TV, it's clear that what they crave are a cleaner pair of boots to lick, so they can go back to looting and manufacturing consent for mass murder, with a clear conscience.

I'm glad Mistah Kurtz, he dead... but come on dawg, y'all trying to rebuild Camelot out of Palooka Joe Biden's lanyard-run Presidency

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Installing an adblocker is the gateway drug into anti-consumerism, which is in turn the gateway drug into anti-capitalism.

Tell all your friends how to install adblockers.

5. Finally, I identify as a communist because Marxism the Hegelian left and Psychoanalysis gave me the philosophical tools to figure out contradictions on the current stream of societal, economical and interpersonal even concepts.

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3. The flexibility of the Dialectic is really important here. Whether that's a USSR style of governance or a social democratic regime, the actions should be critiqued, the material analysis should continue, no matter what. We cannot rest on just using the political will of the workers. We need societal transformation.

4. The contradictions ought to be solved internally little by little, the dialectic should be not only material but also ideological.

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Here are the reasons why I identify as a Communist (thread)

I am suspicious of the state so I will side with some Anarchist critique at times.


1. Cause if I want to be loyal to Marx and Lenin, the outrageous Stalinist reframing of the theory is not something I should accept.

2. The dictatorship of the proletariat can have many forms, either a federal organization through a "state" or a republic, or a communal organization. (The new version of the manifesto after the paris commune)

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Now seriously considering twitter.com as a DISEASE.

Symptoms include:

* addiction to constant immediacy
* inability to formulate dispassionate, benevolent, open-minded speech
* frustration, anger
* disproportionate exposure to US politics and views


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