Here are the reasons why I identify as a Communist (thread)

I am suspicious of the state so I will side with some Anarchist critique at times.


1. Cause if I want to be loyal to Marx and Lenin, the outrageous Stalinist reframing of the theory is not something I should accept.

2. The dictatorship of the proletariat can have many forms, either a federal organization through a "state" or a republic, or a communal organization. (The new version of the manifesto after the paris commune)


3. The flexibility of the Dialectic is really important here. Whether that's a USSR style of governance or a social democratic regime, the actions should be critiqued, the material analysis should continue, no matter what. We cannot rest on just using the political will of the workers. We need societal transformation.

4. The contradictions ought to be solved internally little by little, the dialectic should be not only material but also ideological.

5. Finally, I identify as a communist because Marxism the Hegelian left and Psychoanalysis gave me the philosophical tools to figure out contradictions on the current stream of societal, economical and interpersonal even concepts.

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