Hey i love your content ! what's your opinion on tankies, straight up not having reading the theory they like so much!

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@ZeinVexx lol. sounds like you're trying to get me in trouble but I'll bite - I don't like auth-coms, or 17 year old cosplayers who dig the aesthetic, but I'm fine with Marxists, most of my favorite writers are Marxists (Trotsky, CLR James, Parenti) and anarcho syndicalism and council communism have a lot in common.

Of course, once the revolution is over, these people will kill me - but we're not there yet.

@AnarchoNinaWrites no trouble from me. Exactly where i stand on the issue. Keep up the good work comrade! I've been fed up with some of the autlefts here. I'm glad there's a voice with your approach in this.

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