I am rather weebish in my relationship cutsiness.

modded minecraft stuff 

@AgathaSorceress these are my tabs but like with scholar and sci-hub open. Not enough bibliography

Btw do you upload your minecraft modpacks anywhere ?


@schratze As I am finishing my Bachelor's in psychology i find this very hilarious :')

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@AgathaSorceress @juliet No no i didn't assume it was actually homophobic i just did not get it :P thank you two for making it clear to me ^_^

It is werid that tankies haven't read shit from their own theory, just watched some random guy on youtube and then tell you that you need to read more theory

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some hot Marxist woman has to go back in time and fuck Barack Obama in college to fix the timeline

@AnarchoNinaWrites no trouble from me. Exactly where i stand on the issue. Keep up the good work comrade! I've been fed up with some of the autlefts here. I'm glad there's a voice with your approach in this.

@VGM Law is fucking weird, even the concept of research is way different from other social sciences.

@VGM I am confused, what do you mean by research methods ? You mean Qualitative data or Quantitative data? What are you researching ?

@yogthos and what does china do about it ? i am not asking in bad faith btw nor i am ironic i am intrested to learn.


Hey i love your content ! what's your opinion on tankies, straight up not having reading the theory they like so much!

@georgespolitzer I I just checked up pleroma and i liked the aesthetic :P i am new to fediverse.

Source btw marxists.org/archive/lenin/wor

Here what he says Lenin and please re-read Stalins book with this in mind.

I am not anti communist, i am litterally a communist

Idk why u assume i am a brit i am from Greece and my grandpa fought in the civil war in the side of the communists. But i guess you're a dumb american or something.

@georgespolitzer What about the principles about the dictatorship of the proletariat ? The dude litterally twisted the definitions of what it means for a country to be socialist/communist, going against what Lenin and Marx thought about these terms. Bloody tankies, every time.

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