Hi again! I left for another 25 days, if not even more than that.

I really should toot more here, but it's more quiet than Twitter.
'wish it would have been crowded like Twitter but not toxic at all.

I left Mastodon for 25 days, and returned just now.

How's everyone?

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y'all please double check as much stuff as you can before posting. A quick news search can tell you a lot/if those are old photos people are posting to spread misinfo.


Freaking great. Now Twitter is forcing me to use the new "Twitter Web App", which uses a crap ton of RAM which makes it slower for my PC.

Seriously, darn Twitter. I can't take it as a platform AND app.

I feel like I want to change my main username from various social media platforms, "Systemastic". I... kinda don't like it.

Anyone give me a username recommendation. Mostly related to operating systems and software.

Put : mastodon : (without spaces) in your name if you still want a sort-of-like verification symbol.

I really hate my mental health so much.

I want to forget Twitter for a goshdamn while.

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For the sake of my mental health, I have to take a break from Twitter for a week.

Also for sake of it too, I have to check my Twitter notifications.

Microsoft Windows 

Windows 10 be like to my computer: Darn u. You will never get my May update because your hardware is a piece of junk. Also have the same Microsoft Defender update for the 342048th time.

Looks like some or most people have left this instance...

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Now Mas.to is getting a little... Slower with its toots.

I'm still the only user who toots in English on mas.to in a while... I'm kind of uncomfortable...

Anyone give me Mastodon instances to join that are super safe and pretty customizable too.

(Not that I will leave mas.to!)

A reminder to read the Mas.to rules for anyone who is new!

Un recordatorio para leer las reglas de Mas.to para cualquier persona que es nuevo! Es sólo en Inglés, pero tratar de traducir con los servicios de traducción en línea!


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Los registros de cuenta para mas.to se han deshabilitado temporalmente hasta que se resuelvan los problemas de rendimiento del servidor.

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