Hi again! I left for another 25 days, if not even more than that.

I really should toot more here, but it's more quiet than Twitter.
'wish it would have been crowded like Twitter but not toxic at all.

@PastaThief Sorry about that. Hope you'll feel better soon.

I left Mastodon for 25 days, and returned just now.

How's everyone?

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y'all please double check as much stuff as you can before posting. A quick news search can tell you a lot/if those are old photos people are posting to spread misinfo.

@Truth4Satan I'm still forced to use it because almost everyone I love and appreciate is in there. They aren't on Mastodon at all.

@Truth4Satan I mean, I said "I can't take it as a platform AND app.", so.


Freaking great. Now Twitter is forcing me to use the new "Twitter Web App", which uses a crap ton of RAM which makes it slower for my PC.

Seriously, darn Twitter. I can't take it as a platform AND app.

I feel like I want to change my main username from various social media platforms, "Systemastic". I... kinda don't like it.

Anyone give me a username recommendation. Mostly related to operating systems and software.

Put : mastodon : (without spaces) in your name if you still want a sort-of-like verification symbol.

I really hate my mental health so much.

I want to forget Twitter for a goshdamn while.

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For the sake of my mental health, I have to take a break from Twitter for a week.

Also for sake of it too, I have to check my Twitter notifications.

Microsoft Windows 

Windows 10 be like to my computer: Darn u. You will never get my May update because your hardware is a piece of junk. Also have the same Microsoft Defender update for the 342048th time.

Looks like some or most people have left this instance...

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Now Mas.to is getting a little... Slower with its toots.

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