My free software mirror hit 100k requests/day today. Quite a weird feeling.

Screenshot shows nginx logs as parsed through goaccess.

#mirror #servers

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We are pleased to host MiniDebConf this year 🎊

The event is being held on Nov 12 & 13.
Welcoming you all 🥳

We're back with another Debian event, MiniDebConf
Palakkad 2022.

FOSS NSS, the Free Software club of NSS College of
Engineering, Palakkad, Kerala is hosting the event in
association with Debian India community.

Dates - November 12 & 13, Sat-Sun in NSS College campus.

Stay tuned for more details.

#debian #debianindia #minidebconf

We're making good progress in our investigations to shift all of Matrix to use @[email protected] connect for authentication! Head over to to see how we're doing and read the blog post at 😱🎉🚀

Now we have this
AS: 141858
AS desc: Chota Bheam Industries

Good times to be alive.

#asn #internet

#Gitlab Inc sponsored our work of maintaining a native #debian package of gitlab server software for last 6+ years.

This work made setting up / self hosting gitlab server just running `apt install gitlab` on a debian server.

Now they stopped this funding. We thank them for their support till now and looking for support from the #FreeSoftware community to continue this work.

Donate at
... and spread the word!


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