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Bitcoin is a massive, massive ongoing ecological disaster. You can not in any way pretend you are an environmentally conscious company, and support bitcoin.

At the moment, one of the biggest things that could be done to help fight global warming is to destroy bitcoin.

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To be truly countercultural today, in a time of tech hegemony, one has to, above all, betray the platform, which may come in the form of betraying or divesting from your public online self.

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Anybody got any plans for "Palindrome Day" ?

12022021 ?

I want to build in Peer to Peer messaging into my game. Where do I look to find out more?


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Chris Plummer is gonna live forever as a GIF of someone ripping a Nazi flag in half and honestly that fucking rules

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Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries. - Anne Herbert

Current mindmap for space station game I am writing. All words and no action. What I'm best at.


Massive mental health issues this week. JUst managing to keep my brain from breaking into pieces.

The people I have found to follow on Mastodon are waaaaay nicer and more open to chatting about interesting things than I have felt on the birdsite.

Taken all games off my Mac except for Eve Online, Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress.

I think that’s all I’m ever gonna need.

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Lambert from Alien 1 was trans. Deep-dive cyberpunk lore for the basedest of worldbuilding shit.

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Scientists Teach Cabbages to Come to My House and Beat the Shit Out of Me

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@kemonine curl $URL > less is about our best hope in these trying days in the first half of the 21st century.

The death of Sir Tom Moore is everything we need to know about the state of our country.

The man raises 30 million for chartiy by walking round his garden in lockdown.

Aged 100.

Gets knighted by the queen for doing this. Catches COVID. Dies.

If we had had some sensible response to the pandemic none of that would have been needed.

self loathing 

Managed to break my drugs by being so depressed that I can feel them straining to work.

self loathing. 

Floor is more comfortable than sofa. I wil stay here.

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