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Douglas Adams 

"In the beginning the Universe was created. This made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move."

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πŸ’• unofficial version of open source software made by corporations, but some nice people went in and disabled all the telemetry πŸ’•

What's your favorite formatting option for writing long posts in text editor a when writing stuff online?

(If you can, #boost this for a wider audience!)
#writing #textEditor #formatting

trying to find out what i was doing last week from a commit message that says "fix" isn't really straightforward, but i can do it... probably...

The supernatural, perplexing sandwich will haunt me for an eternity.

food, lifehack 

laptop blows out too much hot air? put your plate of cold pizza next to it and profit

ancient society: "let's put them in this ornate urn, so they'll be abundant in the afterlife"
modern society: "wow, let's ditch the ashes and put this into a museum"

also, watching old Disney movies with the original dubs i have to grab my jaw from the floor, how good the past translators were for the Hungarin dub, like in the past ~10 years i can't remember one movie where the translation was decent, or the voice actors weren't lethargic while delivering their lines

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in my dream i saw that scene from the second Goofy Movie, when Goofy dances with the librarian, and suddenly had the urge to rewatch it...

i still wonder if we used different services for CI/CD we'd have the same problems, or stuff would just work as intended πŸ€”

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