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"By that celebrated Student, Philosopher, Chemist, Naturalist,
Psychomist, Astrologer, Alchemist, Metallurgist, Sorcerer,
Explanator of the Mysteries of Wizards and WitchΒ­craft;
together with recondite Views of numerous
Arts and Sciencesβ€”Obscure, Plain, PracΒ­tical,
Etc., Etc."
i'll put this in my LinkedIn bio

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Douglas Adams 

"In the beginning the Universe was created. This made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move."

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πŸ’• unofficial version of open source software made by corporations, but some nice people went in and disabled all the telemetry πŸ’•

is there, like a practice dvd or playlist on how to do the Gurdjieff movements? the stuff i found so far are just group-demonstrations...

gross, outdated medicine 

"doctor, i feel under the weather"
"don't worry, some bloodletting will solve your problem, now put on these leeches"

it feels like you can't form a death metal/deathcore/black metal band if you don't own at least one 7-string guitar

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β€žLucid Dreaming” #throwbackthursday
cause I miss free painting, just playing with shapes and colors.


Meetings with Remarkable Men is kinda all over the place, and sometimes the dialog is very awkward πŸ˜•

Sometimes, it seems, most of what I do as automatic drawings, may not really be automatic. Even though that's how they startβ€”the initial lines tend to suggest a direction and then a form. At times I follow these triggers, and sometimes I deliberately reject them so it remains as much of a subconscious thing as possible.

No clue what Austin Osman Spare would consider it. Likely shit! 😬

#Drawing #PenAndInk #AutomaticDrawing #LineArt #BlackAndWhite #Surreal #Bizzare

Memes are defined as information that spreads abnormally quickly and easily, to the point where a large chunk of the population learns it. Conversely, antimemes are information that is difficult to spread and remember, such as complicated formulas, passwords, and the concept of looking at the docs before asking me for help.

#TIL that sometime in 2006 a guy ported #Quake 2 into text-mode graphics, thus enabling it to be played in a plain TTY terminal!

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