@adalbertsen If you run docker locally for you development environment these specs are totally justified, even for terminal applications, even if you only run terminal applications.

Replace the Intel with an AMD, and that's basically me.

@adalbertsen 💯 relatable!

but in defense, 'good' computers in the market do come with GPU built-in. I don't know of any manufacturer that provides the option to not bundle a GPU anymore.

@adalbertsen I just ask people (especially those that get #NVIDIA GPUs), who ask me for suggestions for #LinuxLaptops, to turn their GPUs off after installation to navigate away from GPU issues that come from either running dual-GPUs or just plain dumb #ProprietaryDrivers.

I don't know any linux distribution that has gotten GPU performance right with dual-GPUs yet.

So until then, turning any one of your GPUs off (mostly the proprietary one, because you know - #proprietary) is the best option at the moment

@shine for a while now i'm in favour of laptops with iGPUs - when i first installed linux on a machine with Intel i5 + nVidia GPU, i ran into the usual problems, but since i've got a laptop without a dedicated video card i don't have the former problems... i'd still like to try an eGPU solution if this laptop had Thunderbolt 3, but sadly there's no way i could connect an external GPU

@adalbertsen that was my point too... turn the "discrete" GPUs off; use the integrated GPUs.

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