modern solutions require modern, made-up problems

tbh this could be the motto of a startup or something

@adalbertsen i'm surprised that it isn't the motto for any startup at all

@rozina i'm too lazy to look into it, but i'm pretty sure it's a motto of some weird company

@adalbertsen hey dude I'm new here been nuked on Twitter 3 times for ummmmm well not being racist,not being homophobic and not being a troll 🤔 so it's either the music I listen to or my political veiw and standing that they don't like me for? Either way it's supresed free speech as far as I'm concerned humm.

@Pubfest_of_metal idk about the Birdsite, but welcome! here a lot of different instances have different rules, so i'm sure that you might find it better 😄

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