lewd, sci-fi art 

when you and your partner try tantric sex, and you accidentally summon the eldritch rhombus

oooh, Peter Mohrbacher who's making the Angelarium, is working on a tarot deck 😮 angelarium.net/tarot

occult, symbolism 

huh, i didn't expect to discover yet another mystery in the Pentagram... according to mathematical correspondences, 72 and 144 are connected to the Solar Cycle (12 and 24 hours in minutes), and 108 is related to the distance between the Earth and the Moon, and is also about 108 times the diameter of the Moon (and also the atomic weight of silver, which is another symbol for the Moon)

when you want to take a nice, long bath, but your pet bird wants attention
(cw: nudity)

"thou shalt not open the wrong end of a banana" (source: oglaf.com)

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