when ppl text you "send nudes" they always mean nudes by Egon Schiele

I might be building Domain (codeberg.org/domain/app) from scratch for the third time but it’s a joy to do so using Kitten (codeberg.org/kitten/app) and I think they’re both going to be better off for it.

Oh yeah, and there will be pink. LOTS of pink!

#smallWeb #kitten #domain

The new UI buttons in Organic Maps are so beautiful! Well done! 🥰 #organicmaps #openstreetmap

The Highwayman is a 100-page illustrated book based on Alfred Noyes’ poem “The Highwayman” and is currently available on Kickstarter!

Originally drawn in 2020 for my end-year assignment for my Graphic Design Master degree, this new edition has gotten extensive revisions to offer a modern revisit of this poem.

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gravity was invented by big space to capitalise on the price of escaping orbit

i have like 2 sweaters and 3 sweatpants on, and a guy is walking his dog outside, wearing only a shirt and shorts... 😱

a boss would totally react to this like "why are you so focused? you should multitask instead!"

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can you exist in today's age if you don't have a phone? 🤔

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plz sir, why would you call me? i have other projects, and i was in the flow already... your call disrupted my flow 😭

I'm warning you right now, if you open this image you might literally due from cuteness.

And I'm done with my first tattoo flash sheet! It's been a process but it's really satisfying to have all these drawing fitting well on a sheet like that. If you're around Montreal and want one of these, reach out to me :)

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North Korean man is right, the violence is horrifying and unnecessary. As unfree as Saudi Arabia is, when I got stuck off-road, the authorities took the wheel and unstuck me. I didn’t get shot! I did get laughed at for getting stuck in a Jeep.

Reddit: Man Killed by Police After Calling 911 Because His Car wasn’t Working
#us #cops #policeviolence #politics #news #reddit

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