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like, ive seen criticism of the band (or more specifically efrim's) politics being seen as unrealistically utopian but you cant tell me that this doesn't fucking own on top of an amazing albim

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Always starts so nice in pencil, then the debate on ink starts and pencil tends to lose out... #drawing #mastoart

brainfart, linkedin 

replying to LinkedIn offers with "Sry, I'm already in a guild, but thx" πŸ€”

Found online:

"Alpha Male", the early version of a male, before testing and bug fixes. Unstable and not suitable for the public.

Delete Chrome. Now.

Google is using its exceptionally powerful position to make *the browser itself* analyze your browsing behavior and serve that on a plate in the form of "cohorts" to anyone interested.

They are transforming Chrome into a "browsing-history-passport" - right now.

If you care about your intellectual freedom even a little bit, you must put Chrome out of your life as soon as possible. Support others doing the same.


I’m at work and miss my cat. Please enjoy my cat. He’s called Ziggy and I love him lots ❀️ #cats #cat

it's remarkable tho, that the characters are so paper-thin that you can forget even the protagonist's name... πŸ˜…

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