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finally, Call of the Night's anime is picking up the pace... although the season is over soon 😔

schrödinger could've skipped the vial of neurotoxin and just asked if the cat was asleep or awake in the box. the thought experiment would've worked just as well

i always assumed that i should look at the Court first and then work backwards to the other houses 🤔

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"The Court figures (Witnesses, Judge, and Sentence) form the answer to the query. The Court says what will happen. Everything else in the chart, in both the Shield Chart and the House Chart, describe the details of how things happen. Thus, the Court always come first and provide the heart of the answer to any and all geomantic queries, and of the Court, the Judge figure is the most important. Everything else should be interpreted in light of the Judge figure."

work, meetings 

at least they can be billed as work hours

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work, meetings 

meetings are the most unproductive things ever... i could've just worked on the task i was assigned to and get things done, instead of listening to others talk about it 😅

it's some weird rationalization, but it can be a valid way to look at why ppl aren't willing to pay for subscriptions

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by playing on a private server, i'm not giving money to a big, capitalist company (Blizzard), but supporting a local business (Tauri Network)

"the Hungarian translation of the Picatrix will be available in May 2021" i checked and you can only preorder still 😅

i forgot who's designing the covers for Helikon Pocketbooks, but they nail them every time 😄 also, those editions are always dirt-cheap ❤️

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do i need yet another copy of the Corpus Hermeticum? probably not... but man, the new release looks so cool 😮

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