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@treur hello! Thanks for connecting.

I really like the image in your profile. Very much the sort of photography I'm into.

I also make music. It's all full of synths.


Feel free to share anything you make too.

My beautiful launderette.

Sadly, this place doesn't exist any more. But for the longest time it kept me clean and it kept me warm.

No memory of taking this photo. No idea who it is of or where it is.

It remains one of my favourites.

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The Mastoverse at large has many blind and partially sighted users who would still love to engage with your creative content!

We strongly encourage use of image alt text to describe the images and videos you upload, and a lot of people won't boost ('retweet') content with no alt text.

After adding an image or video to your toot, you can click 'Edit' on the media to enter a description.

Media that doesn't have alt text will have a little blue dashed border around it in the feed.

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