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Fediverse accessibility challenge: before boosting a post without alternative text (“alt text”) for people who use screenreaders and other assistive technologies, reply to it with the alt text.

#AltBeforeYouBoost #AltBeforeYouPost #a11y

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Can anyone recommend me some public domain books, movies, music, games, paintings, etc?

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For folks looking for a completely FOSS and reproducible build of the Signal client, consider Molly, a hardened Signal fork:

Connects to signals' server and there is a 100% FOSS build option. Planning to test it myself hopefully soon!

BTW, someone mentioned this in @aral and @laura's "Small is Beautiful" livestream. When I used to use Twitter, I remember probono posting about creating a new OS with some of his requirements.

It has come a long way since then. And good to see the project being active, with frequent releases.

Check out probono's feed for latest updates. It's impressive what they're doing.

Show thread's "hello" system looks amazing. Based on , has a liveusb environment, has a lot of things customized for ease of use. Seems like the project is very active. Can't wait to try it!

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So I bought this mp3 player so I didn't need to carry my phone everywhere I go, and it's designed in a really stupid way. It can play aac files perfectly fine but not over bluetooth if you try to do that it complains that there's a format error

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Everyone has different needs when it comes to privacy.

But if you refuse to compromise when it comes to keeping your identity and your data private and under your control — you should #GetSession.

adnan360 boosted is going to be shut down on February 1 2021.
Public service announcement: is going to be shut down on February 1 2021.

As of now new registrations are not possible.

There is already a header linking to the documentation describing how to back up and clone your channel.

Please do so within the given time if you want to keep your data and channel.

Hubzilla has been created to give you the amount of privacy you want and independence from one singular service provider. You do not depend upon one singular hub, including . Use your chance.
In order to protect your privacy and data integrity existing backups are gong to be destroyed as the hub will no longer need any restoring. is going to be shut down on February 1 2021.


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Join us and our guests live on Small Is Beautiful today (in just under an hour and a half) to talk about ways we can prevent the Googleification of schools. How can we encourage free and open ethical alternatives instead of normalising surveillance capitalism for the next generation?

(Have your webcam/mic/headphones ready if you want to join the stream or ask a question. We’ll give out the studio URL during the stream.)

#SmallIsBeautiful #Education #Technology

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Good point: Jitsi for meetings of two or three people, Big Blue Button for larger meetings.

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have you ever thought "dang that's an adorable bunch of bezier curves"

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Slope's Game Room is a popular YouTube account about the history of video games, and they are now also posting their videos on the Fediverse. You can follow at:

➡️ @slopesgameroom

The latest video is a history of Konami's Castlevania series:

#SlopesGameRoom #DanielIbbertson #Gaming #History #GamingHistory #VideoGames #ComputerGames #PeerTube #PeerTubers #Videos

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If anyone want a simpler #matrix client, I can recommend SchildiChat!

I dont know what the logo is thou

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