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Another Medium alternative on the Fediverse is Plume, which is also a federated long form text platform.

Plume's status is slightly unclear as the official website has a message on the front page saying the project is not currently maintained:

Can anyone give an update on what's going on there?

#Plume #Fediverse

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#Waydroid is now available for testing on our repository!

To install Waydroid on the Arch image for @PINE64 #PinePhone / #PineTab, open a terminal and run the following command:

sudo pacman -Syu
sudo pacman -S waydroid-image
sudo waydroid init -f
sudo systemctl enable waydroid-container --now

Then launch "Waydroid" app from the launcher.

Remember that Waydroid requires a Wayland compositor/UI.

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If you want to share a file or a group of files with somebody, there is a number of options!

Nextcloud features an easy to use and powerful web interface. You can access all your files wherever you are and however you like! 😎

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Hey #Linux people! Here's a poll for you. Reposting appreciated :comfygeek:

Which do you use for you main system?
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Write Freely is a writing platform on the Fediverse, sort of like a Fedi version of Medium.

It lets you write long form texts on the Fediverse, and people can follow your Write Freely account, so they see your latest posts.

The official site is at, you can also follow them at @writefreely

You can find instances to sign up on at

There are apps available at

If you are techy, there's instructions for self-hosting an instance at

If you aren't techy, you can still make your own Write Freely instance by using

#WriteFreely #Fediverse #FediTips #Medium #Alternatives

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A question from one member of the #Fediverse to another.. I could seriously use your help with the server bill for

Every bit is really much appreciated❤️


Thank you♥️

Updated to recent version of from @fdroidorg recently. I was surprised!! 😲 Glide typing has improved significantly. 👍

I can easily forget that Google's proprietary keyboard exists and enjoy swipe typing even on custom with Florisboard. 🎉 No or hacking necessary.


To enable glide typing, open up Florisboard and check Gestures tab.

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The new #florisboard beta release is amazing!

Improved glide typing accuracy, and an extended symbol layout!
This replaces gboard completely for me in functionality.

I highly suggest everyone to try it out.

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@privacytools had issues with not having access to all of its infrastructure. Domain name was one of the pieces not owned by PrivacyTools. Rebranding under a new name suggested by the community was in discussion. That discussion is now over and started to redirect its visitors to

Other services provided under domain should start migrating soon.

Rebranding announcement article:

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PixelFed has just reached 50k users on 186 instances! 🥳

If you haven't tried it yet, you can find out more from the official site at:

It's a Fediverse alternative to Instagram, and federates with Mastodon etc. so millions of people across the Fediverse can follow PixelFed accounts.

PixelFed has an unofficial Android app called @PixelDroid. It's currently in beta testing, you can get it from F-Droid:

If you don't have F-Droid yet, here are instructions on how to install it:

#FediTips #Fediverse #PixelFed #PixelTips #PixelDroid #Android #Apps #Instagram #Alternatives

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Thanks to all friends participating in this XMPP poll, now #XMPP is trending at Mastodon. Let's share.

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Inventaire is a free open source platform for cataloguing and sharing physical books, with its own database of titles based on Wikidata.

You can follow at:

➡️ @inventaire (in English and French)

The Inventaire site is at

It's a good platform for any group or individual who wants to run their own library.

#Inventaire #Books #Book #Authors #Reading #Library #Libraries #BookSharing #WikiData #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Français #Francais

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The world has come to a full stop for me when I deep-clean old tech - a very zen-like, almost meditative experience. #GameBoy #Meditation

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A first impression of the upcoming Briar desktop client

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