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It seems quite a few people appreciate the idea of improved #ActivityPub support for #Wordpress. Awesome!

Could we somehow make this a thing? For example, asking people to self-promote their their Wordpress installations on successful federation with something like #ActivityPubForWordpress or #WordpressToFediverse?

#AP4WP #WP2Fedi

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Feel free to test it and let me know if you face any issues. I just prepared this and haven't tested extensively.

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/ ver 100 added a new "Color scheme" setting which allows to turn on dark mode on all websites. 👍

Thought that was the perfect time to write this blog-

Creating a Dark Mode Toggle Button That Respects Browsers and Users at the Same Time


Contains both and versions.

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Vim tip of the day!

From NORMAL mode, to insert a line below or above the current line type o and O respectively

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Mastodon has Direct Messages (DMs), there are two ways to make them happen:

-Create a normal message, set its privacy to "Direct" and then @ mention whomever you want to receive the message. If you mention more than one person it becomes a group chat. This works on all apps and versions of Mastodon.


-If you're logged in through the website, or if you're using a third party app, you can click on the "..." menu on a post or a person's profile and select Direct Message. This then automatically creates a direct message just like the one in the previous method. You can also look at your previous DMs by clicking on the envelope or the "Direct Message" link in the menu.

The official apps don't currently have any specific DM features, but you can use the first method in them and it works fine.

The end result of both methods is exactly the same.

#MastoTips #FediTips #Mastodon #Fediverse #DirectMessages #DMs

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This meant that Goggle dominated the XMPP network and the ongoing development of the protocol. Then when their business priorities changed with the establishment of Alphabet as a holding company, and being interoperable no longer suited them, they were able to trap their chat users back in a silo simply by disconnecting from the XMPP cloud. XMPP never fully recovered from the impact of this, although itis still around, and projects like @snikket_im are working on modernizing it.

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If we can't trust cloudflare, how can we trust HTTPS? And if we can't trust HTTPS maybe it's time we start using something else? Perhaps .onion or .i2p services?

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Do you want to use your own self-signed certificate to protect against it? Too bad.

Popular software are gradually breaking or stopping supporting this functionality in the name of security or complaining that it's too complex to maintain. This includes free and open source projects.

Those projects suggest using instead, which being a western organization is not immune to coercion. So back to square one.

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I was accessing a website today and checking the /#TLS certificate, it turns out that it's from Amazon! That was a project using a certificate from family.

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V Brigham is a veteran programmer for the Commodore 64 home computer from 1982, who nowadays posts in-depth videos about developing software on the C64.

You can follow at:

➡️ @v_brigham

If the videos aren't visible from your instance yet, you can see them all at

#VBrigham #Commodore64 #C64 #Commodore #Programming #Dev #Software #Development #1980s #80s #8Bit #BASIC #Retro #History #Computing #ComputingHistory #HistoryOfComputing #Videos #PeerTube

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Having a choice in app stores, which is what is up for debate in the US Senate RIGHT NOW, means paving a path toward bringing more free software to more people, and more people to more free software! US Citizens: Take action now!

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Welcome to all the new people on Mastodon and the Fediverse, it's brilliant to see you! 🎉

If you're looking for people to follow, you can see all the accounts I've ever recommended, organised by category, at this link:

You can go there right now to get interesting follows. It's just a small fraction of accounts on here, but hopefully it will help get your timeline started.

If you want to see new recommendations as they're added, just follow me.


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Inkscape 1.2 beta is out 🐣 & we need your help to test all the cool new features!

Read the full news, learn how to help, and download at

#floss #artwithopensource #vectorart #helpwanted #testing #inkscape

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OpenBSD snapshot: pkg_add saying "no such dir...Can't find package-name"

This started happening about a week ago on my OpenBSD -snapshot install. Not sure why it's happening but this is probably due to transition to 7.1 release and may not last long.

Note: This is for -snapshot/-current version only. -release and -stable should be fine.

Sample output:

# pkg_add geany no such dir
Can't find geany


# export PKG_PATH=`machine -a`/
# pkg_add ...

It's possible to choose any other mirror here. For example:

# export PKG_PATH=`machine -a`/
# export PKG_PATH=`machine -a`/

#OpenBSD #snapshot #current #troubleshooting #package #management #transition

This by @solene makes me want to use more.

What does a default OpenBSD installation offer?

So many basic ; like being by default, web browser not being able to access my documents, server software running under seems like a common sense; but distros don't have them; at least not by default.

It requires many steps to be taken to set these up. But OpenBSD has them by default.

Secure by default. Nice. 👍

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