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🚀 Version 4.5 is live on!

In this release we introduce the new 🗓️ Calendar application. Find it in the user menu, or go to if you are logged in.

Just found out this awesome customized instance:



How to read UFS2 filesystems from Linux:

$ sudo fdisk -l # get list of filesystems
$ mkdir -p /tmp/ufs
$ sudo mount -r -t ufs -o ufstype=ufs2 /dev/sdX1 /tmp/ufs/ # replace sdX1 with your filesystem


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#CollaboraOnline 6.4.9 is here 🌻

This update of our enterprise edition brings:

📲 a new mobile CSV import dialog
🏎️ performance improvements
💬 translation updates & more

Check the blog for details & test the free demo

#gdpr #LibreOffice-technology

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#Google employees admit in lawsuit that the company made it nearly impossible for users to keep their location private:

They even pressured OEMs to "bury" such settings, and kept their own employees in the dark: "Even Google execs and employees in charge of location data were confused about how privacy settings worked."

Is that what they call "improving" #privacy of their users?


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Great to see the new features of #Briar, a decentralised #FreeSoftware (#OpenSource) messenger. Hope those features are also soon implemented in the desktop version

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How do I get the orca screen reader to work with firefox? Or do people use a different screen reader/browser combination?


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That's a good point, you can paste PeerTube, PixelFed etc URLs into Mastodon, it works with URLs from anywhere on the ActivityPub Fediverse.

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Twitter is NOT public resource | Join the Fediverse - Federated, Decentralized Social Media

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You can force a profile or post to appear on your Fediverse instance by pasting its URL into the search box.

When you click search, it will look for that profile or post on the remote instance and display it on your instance. This makes it easy to interact with it, follow it etc.

This paste-and-search method works on most Fediverse platforms such as Mastodon etc. It is very useful if a post or profile hasn't federated to your instance yet.

#FediTips #Fediverse

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A new version of the #FOSS #sound effect sequencer #LV2 plugin #BOops is just out now. With new features:

* Faster
* New effects:
* Reverb (from ACE)
* Galactic reverb (from #Airwindows)
* Infinity reverb (from Airwindows)
* Tremolo
* Waveshaper
* Tesla coil (experimental)
* Tooltips for buttons
* Tooltips for pads property toolbox
* Show probability values on pads
* Pattern preview in pattern file chooser

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After persevering through some 100 "e-mail compatibility" issues the new 1.20 release series is rolling ... with support for html-mail, mailing lists and alias-forwarded e-mails ... -- maybe try using Delta as your e-mail app and let us know how it goes?

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Stolen from the meme channel in our Discord. Seemed appropriate 😉

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These latte art "howto" videos are so funny.

They're "howto" to the extent that the "how" is:

0. Be an awesome latte drawing artist
1. Pour a cup of latte
2. Draw

Apart from the misleading title, watching a really competent person do what they're good at is mesmerizing.……

Just found out that Wolfgang's Channel is syncing to Odysee! 🎉


* Beware of nonfree software mentioned

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