If you missed today’s Small Is Beautiful live stream, you can watch the recording here:


We talked about Laura’s work on @better and Site.js Hugo templates, @margodeweerdt’s lovely illustrations for the photo blog template, and my preliminary work on Place – the fork of Site.js that I’m working on specifically for the Small Web.

#SmallIsBeautiful #SmallTech #SmallWeb


@aral My goodness! I love the idea behind the Place project!! 😍

- website.org/keys to showcase my keys to world to be sure if something's from really me
- website.org/source to store a git repo of the site source so that anyone can clone my website in an instant
- ability to install plugins to do fancy stuff
- using website.org/keys to communicate between site to site without central authority really feels like the future of the web!

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@adnan360 @aral i like to visit /robots.txt for fun. It would be nice to have more standard paths for cool stuff.

@psiie @aral Eventually when it gets more stable, we should have a doc of the urls and their syntax etc. written down as a standard.

This way many third party projects/apps can use the standard to communicate with my site.

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