Here's a video I found about the Session messenger.

For those of you who don't know, Session is similar to what Signal does and is end-to-end encrypted, but it doesn't require you to share your phone number. Plus, it uses a TOR-like decentralized network for the messages, so not even metadata is readable by anyone else.

Anonymously Send Messages With Session:

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@nipos @adnan360
ich liebe Websites, die das von mir verlangen. 😠

Meine Antwort darauf lautet immer:

👉 NO

@Aakerbeere @adnan360 Ich bin darueber auch immer ganz begeistert 🙄 Ich hab mir inzwischen Privacy Pass installiert,damit wirds besser:

@Aakerbeere @nipos Hmm. I'm lucky I didn't get it on my end. I use all sorts of IPs and still got away with it.

If you are unhappy, you can contact hello<at> and let them know.

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