Wrote an about . Tried to keep it as friendly as possible.

What's All The Hype About Gemini And How To Get On Board

Also has a look into the .

@adnan360 Can't read this since javascript's disabled... Is this article also on the Geminispace? 😄


Thank you for making this. The Gemini community needs non-technical writers.


The site also does not use cookies or engage in advertising or user tracking.

This is in the wrong section since it has nothing to do with whether the site looks old. Plenty of old looking sites track.

@Sandra Thanks for reading.

Sorry, I didn't find the text you are referring to in the article. The only lines with the word "tracking" I found is:

> Plus, it comes with the ever hated tracking features. [this is about typical http/web]

> No JavaScript, so no hidden tracking, no unnecessary features

Maybe you are looking at some other text. But please let me know if I can add/update anything on the article.

@Sandra Oh, yes. Didn't notice that.

Well, maybe the advertisement part kind of is relevant, since it deals with aesthetics, but I think it could be improved.

The line can be included under the "What is this?" in a new paragraph as a quick fix. I'd prefer having a separate section like "Why use this?" and have a list available with more points.

Couldn't find their email or anything, so we'll have to live through it I guess. :)

@Sandra No, I didn't. :)
But thanks anyway. If I come across any admins, I'll let them know of this.

@adnan360 Cool, but I regret there is a mix between protocol and format. The Gemini protocol is content-agnostic, it is gemtext that does not have inline images.

@adnan360 Also, the first two links in the examples have been mangled (probably by your CMS) which is specially annoying for the Gemini link which was transformed in http.

@bortzmeyer I've tested the first 2 links (Wikipedia and Gemini homepage). It seems to be working fine on my end. Can you please clarify which link you are referring to? I'll fix it if it's broken.

@adnan360 No, the two examples links are:

=> Link to something
=> gemini:// Link to something else

The second is turned to a (wrong) hyperlink

@bortzmeyer Yes, you're right. I'm already reporting stuff like these for Hubzilla:

Hubzilla has a lot of issues, considering it supports html, bbcode and markdown all in one post. It has to mess up somewhere. :)

This seems like a bug in SocialHome. Everything inside code block should be considered literal text, and no stripping or interpretation should be done. I'll hopefully post a bug for that.

@bortzmeyer I think I found a solution. I've just used 4 backticks (````...````) to write code block inside code block.

The SocialHome post has been updated.

Also changed .html extension on Gemini example to .gmi, which I totally missed previously.

@bortzmeyer Thanks for pointing that out.

Can Gemini browsers show images inline? Do you have any example URL that show inline images, in a format other than gemtext?

@adnan360 #Lagrange can display images, even of gemtext (but not by default). In theory, Gemini browsers could understand formats-with-images like (extended) Markdown or HTML but I'm not aware of one which does.

@bortzmeyer As far as I know, anything linked which is not a .gmi will be offered to be downloaded. This way .md files can be linked. But I assume it will just be download as a file, and will not show images inline.

Yes, you are right that anything can be transferred with Gemini, even Libreoffice Writer files with inline images. But Gemini clients can't display it (as far as I know).

@adnan360 Great for beginners though you could of said that TLS is HTTPS.
You also could of reviewed some android browser. Mostly when browsing on cellular connections is where websites load in the slowest. Mostly that is where gemini sites would come in handy because its only text.

Other then that is great for beginners and if I have a need to introduce anyone to Gemini I will refer then to this.

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