After I installed I couldn't do a select all with ctrl+a. e.g. On Firefox location bar or single line text input fields. ctrl+a brought the cursor to the beginning and selected nothing.🤨

It seems it had Emacs set by default, which I'm not used to.

The solution was to:

gtk-key-theme-name = Default

Have been suffering with this for weeks. 😅 Posting here if it helps someone else.

@adnan360 This has bugged me since I discovered it.

After seeing your toot, I sent an email to ports@ about it. As for as I can tell, the decision dates to 2005, and I haven't been able to find any discussion, other than the original commit message ( and occasional posts like yours about how to fix Firefox.

@falsifian Thanks for looking into it and emailing them. I think "Default" should be the default. Not everybody likes emacs keybindings and not everybody is used to it. If users want it they can enable it.

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