Can't believe Mastodon still has this issue open:

It makes it impossible to see previous posts from a newly followed account. Instead just shows: "Older posts from other servers are not displayed."

I've seen this happen if the account is not followed a lot (by the instance probably). If it's followed a lot, it somehow shows recent posts but not all.

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The issue seems to be:
AP to AP
AP to Zot
Zot to AP

But not on:
Zot to Zot

So this is not probably a fault of plugin. If it was, AP to AP would've worked. e.g. The above screenshot is on Masto account from a Masto account.

Another example would be that I can't see older posts on Masto from Hubzilla even after accepting the request. It's that bad. Whenever there is AP on the equation, it brings up this issue.

If there is a solution or workaround to get all the older posts please let me know.

If anybody follows me or any other channel and finds that I have no content, what does it make this technology?

Even if someone clicks on the linked profile and can see older posts, then finds out commenting on them or resharing/boosting is not possible, what would it sound like this technology is?

To work around this,I followed some steps when recently creating a channel on Hubzilla*:

- Create channel on Hubzilla
- Set an avatar before posting anything or searching or following from Masto/AP (avatar does not update, ever, after the first search)
- Search "<at>lazplanet<at>" and follow from Masto/AP
- Accept the request from Hubzilla (not accepting will not send any posts)
- Post something on Hubzilla channel (if done correctly,you should have posts starting from the 1st one)

- If any post is not showing on AP (in my case it was the avatar change post), click the cog icon on Hubzilla post, then Delivery Report, cog icon again, then Redeliver (it shows the post time as is, but makes the post appear before previously visible posts - bit weird, but this made it appear at least)

* Hubzilla is just an example. Hubzilla is not at fault here (as explained above). Can be replaced with any other fediverse ActivityPub service and the workaround should be mostly the same.

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