@jxself I like Mastodon and Pleroma but they have a fundamental flaw which I can't ignore:


Basically I can't view posts before I followed someone (or followed by someone else on the same instance). If someone has years worth of posts, I only get to see posts after I (or someone...) followed the user. To see previous posts I'd have to visit the profile on the instance, the URL of which is not accessible from anywhere on the profile.That's certainly not beginner friendly.


@jxself (with Zot protocol) on the other hand handles it pretty fine. Whenever in a channel's life I follow it I can see previous posts, without any extra clicks/hacks or anything. Only challenge is to add someone correctly (which takes new users time to learn), then it's more or less usable. Although Hubzilla is not perfect. It has UI/navigation issues which confuses me.

I'm thinking about new users because my followers could be new to these technologies.

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@jxself Mastodon, Pleroma and fediverse is a great idea. I think is the best thing to happen to us to keep our data to us and still communicate with people. But issues like this are a big hurdle. How can I suggest a follower of mine to open a fediverse account and follow me then find him asking how to see previous posts? I know the issue has some technical challenges in the discussion. But we're humans and we'd expect something basic like this to work.

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