I couldn't find a lightweight GUI screenshot utility on . Even the xfce4-screenshooter was asking for xfconf, libxfce4util, gnome-devel-docs and hundred more dependencies. So I was looking for a program.

And luckily I found simpleshot-gtk. It's simple. Just a single binary and just one dependency (slop). UI is great too, very similar to xfce4-screenshooter.

[OpenBSD build instructions are in reply]

Firefox is upgraded to 93 at last on 7.0.

This version has fixed tab change delays for me, which was nearly a deal breaker for me.

Good job OpenBSD!

I noticed since around some weeks ago I wasn't able to login to GitLab.com with . I got stuck to this screen. However, browsers other than Librewolf were fine.

Found out that Librewolf changes the timezone, so it got confused!

The solution was to:
- go to about:config
- set "privacy.resistFingerprinting" to false
- load the sign in page and login
- after successful login set "privacy.resistFingerprinting" back to true


Screenshots of .

This is a CLI version. There is also a GTK version being built: notabug.org/jyamihud/FastLBRY-

Thanks to @blenderdumbass for creating such a project. It makes watching videos on / so much more easier, faster and private. As far as I know, it is better than using Odysee.com since it is talking directly through the LBRY protocol, not HTTPS, which makes it way more friendly and secure.

When the GTK version is released, it will be awesome.

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Creating an theme.

Inspired by the simplicity of Afterpiece openbox theme.

can save a color as a "swatch". It can be used as fill or stroke color and when the swatch color is changed it is changed throughout the file.

A must try for the pros out there. 👍

Just create a shape, choose a fill or stroke color, click the Swatch button. It'll create a swatch with a random number. Now select other objects, click Swatch button there too and select your swatch.

Now use the color sliders below to change the color and it will change everywhere!

To get perfect inner borders on :

- File - Document properties
- Custom size - Units - px
- Go to Snap tab - Snap to objects - select "Snap only when closer than" and set Snap distance to 1.0
- Go to Grids tab - click New
- Make sure Preferences - Tools - Visual bounding box is selected
- From the right panel, enable "Toggle snapping to bounding boxes" and "Toggle snapping to bounding-box edge mid-points"
- Now resize the rectangle to be 10px x 10px (border will snap to grid)

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Q: On , imagine you have a 1x1px grid setup that let's you draw a perfectly sized 10x10px rectangle. Now add 1px border to it. What's the width now❓

A: Surprise! It will now grow to be 11px wide! 😲

There's no way to make the border appear inside the shape:

There have been discussions and people suggested some workarounds that seem a bit difficult or impractical. I found a way that might be a good to achieve the width of 10px.

An alternative that runs on a fraction of system resources.

" is a lightweight alternative to Electron written in in about ~300 LoC, using instead of Chromium. Ultralight is a cross-platform rewrite using the GPU ... that resulted in a fast, lightweight, and low-memory HTML UI solution ... with the small footprint of Native UI."

Want to try it sometime. 👍

➡️ golangexample.com/a-lightweigh

Was looking for a lightweight web server that runs basically anywhere, without extra installs. is installed by default on most Linux/Unix systems, so thought it should be perfect.

Didn't find a good example script out there, so made my own:

- Standalone. No modules, just needs Perl.
- Can serve static HTML pages
- Automatic redirection to index.html/.htm
- Directory listing
- Fast
- Lightweight
- - can be included in any project with any license setup

➡️ notabug.org/adnan360/code-back

This script is amazing. I gave it ~30 random articles and it gave me a custom in return! 🚀

Best part is that the words came out to be way more memorable than I expected.

It let's you choose your theme, your text and get your very own unique wordlist! And in turn make your Diceware passphrases a bit more unpredictable and secure.

➡️ notabug.org/adnan360/diceliste

List used here is made from the "example" config included in the project.

recently added support in master 🎉

doas pkg_add gcc gmake yasm pkgconf coreutils wxWidgets-gtk3
git clone --depth 1 github.com/veracrypt/VeraCrypt
cd VeraCrypt/src
gmake clean && gmake
doas gmake install

Resulting build will be under Main directory

mkdir -p ~/bin && cp Main/veracrypt ~/bin/

Install and configure sudo to allow your user/wheel. Then to run:


I got my tabs back on 89.0.2 thanks to this project!

...and menu icons too.

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Little I wrote to compress a video:

- makes videos very small in size, e.g. Tears of Steel 1080p - 704mb to 52mb 🚀
- automatically embeds subtitles into one file (no more carrying around .srt files)
- variable bitrate for both audio and video to deliver acceptable quality
- progressbar with remaining time etc.
- simple to use. just pass the file as param to compress
- if you don't like the default dimensions, edit the script

➡️ notabug.org/adnan360/code-back

is a nice tool, but doesn't have a progressbar. It just shows what it's doing by endlessly printing text lines!

How about a progressbar? And without dependencies?

There are ways, but you have to install extra dependencies. I made a that doesn't require anything except bash:

➡️ notabug.org/adnan360/code-back

Turn any terminal emulator into a popup terminal, with the power of , and ! 💪 🖥️

➡️ notabug.org/adnan360/code-back

Can be configured to use any terminal: st, lxterminal, sakura etc. on any desktop environment. Just config, map it to a key and have fun! 🎉

Width and height can be configured too. Who needs an extra popup terminal package?

Transcoding feature came to Odysee! And many more improvements including livestreaming support!

They Want To Slow Us Down, But We Won't Let Them: Feature Roundup

Finally! I got to push files to Codeberg pages. This way anything can be automated on Codeberg pages: Hugo, Hexo, anything! 👍

Drone CI was stuck at:
Load key "/root/.ssh/id_rsa": invalid format

Turns out I had to generate the key using:
ssh-keygen -m PEM -t rsa -P "" -C "your_email@example.com"

Drone and instructions: framagit.org/-/snippets/6195


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