It's been weeks without . I miss it so badly.
I'll start warming up my fingers for next weekend. 🙏

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A fresh post coming out of the oven.

What do y'all think about technology evolving too fast?

Canonical's just released Ubuntu 22.04 lts. How do you feel regarding the path they're moving towards?

Here's some of my thoughts.

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Those of you cross-posting from #Twitter to #Mastodon - will you please consider doing the opposite? Make the #Fediverse your social media home and Twitter an afterthought.

That moment when you're going to give a big step towards your mental heath 😳

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81 people in the #fediring's webring now :bolbsweat:

we need to get those numbers up! :akko_fistup:
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First toot and hello Mastodon!

Surveying the general social media and internet landscape, and the hierarchies of power and domination they support, makes me pretty angry, and was also one thing that kept me away for years.

Feeling grateful that I can step back into social cyberspace without resigning myself to becoming a pawn on some tech overlord's chessboard by choosing Mastodon x Fediverse 😍

In commemoration, I'm going to do a Mastodon fan art piece, and here's the first rough sketch

Long ago I quit mainstream social media plataform. I felt so great! Even though I'm not sort of the massive posting guy (Actually I'm far from that profile. I'd rather see what others have to say), it's great to have a community driven plataform where we can share our thoughts or work, and simple don't mind about our data being harvested by big tech companies that makes ton of money of it.

I've set up my own blog where I'll be posting about the web and things I'm interested on or studying. Check it out. There's a rss feed too.

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