Umm, what have we on the 'Related awesomeness' section of Awesome Humane Teh curated list to be more independent of #google and other such future #cloud outages?

Let's see..

- Awesome Self-hosted
- Awesome Decentralized
- Awesome Peer-to-peer
- Awesome Alternatives
- Awesome Free Software
- Awesome Ad-Free
- degoogle
- ReverseEagle-Developers
- delightful project

All aggregated lists to improve your situation :)

@humanetech Great curation! Thanks for it.

Just it is hosted in a wrong place. Github and Gitlab (the official instance) are not where such projects to be hosted. They have done more and worse than what US inhuman sanctions against several nationalities. I hope FLOSS community opt to use more ethical solutions.

@ahangarha I agree with you on that. The awesome list will remain on Github, as the top-level awesome is there too.

But I've created a different alternative to awesome: #delightful project

Delightful curated lists are only for #foss #opendata and #openscience resources.

Similar to awesome project anyone who wants to do so can maintain there own delightful list, be mentioned top-level and participate in the badge program. Regardless of location (GH, codeberg, notabug).

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