We can see this because the initial pages (nav:side etc) have sequential IDs, but when it comes to system:page-tags --> system:list-all-pages, the ID jumps form 1926944 to 1926946.

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Fun fact: While the scp-wiki Wikidot site was being created, someone else somewhere made a page.

BadEmpanada is the politics streamer for people who hate politics streamers

TIL en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lusotrop

it's the idea that the Portuguese did nicer colonialism

specifically because it was warmer meaning they were more kind

"Wikia" is not a great name but frankly "Fandom" is worse

Since they're probably monolingual they're given a translator who can interface for them, but the translator cannot do any work for them, and they are given a separate food/housing that the contestant can't use. They're purely there for translation only, not as a co-contestant or anything.

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Game show where neoliberal economists are dropped into a country and given $1.25 and have to survive for one month. They can tap out at any time but that's considered a forfeit.

The Bailey Kids books have some of the funniest titles

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video quote no context 

"Radiation was discovered in 1896, leading to cancer treatment and imagine dragons"

anarcho-NATOism is the weirdest new strain of liberal ideology I've seen

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If you've had covid, don't exercise for two weeks afterwards, don't push yourself, let your body recover even if you feel okay. Lessens chance of long covid shit being triggered afaik

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