i dont like when people say "police being bad is a US issue"
police is bad everywhere. there are no good cops

its also almost always followed by "omg look at this wholesome 100 police officer in finland joining a street band after receiving a noise complaint" "omg look at this wholesome 100 police officer in norway helping a grandma cross the street"

they're still very much cops

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okay i just saw the post that people were referencing earlier today

holy shit okay
i will clarify: there are no good cops. acab means acab. not even your friendly uncle. not even the cops trying to change the system from inside. not a single cop is a good cop as long as they remain being a cop. not one. not in any country.

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nobody is born a cop. every cop voluntarily became a cop. don't even try the "oh but what if nobody else wants to hire them" excuse, there's like 100 other jobs that are available if you can be hired as a cop. not a single cop is a good cop, no, not even in norway or germany or whichever country you idolize

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@AgathaSorceress or japan, even if they might seem softer than the rest due to media, still don't trust em


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@deejvalen @AgathaSorceress japan is a far-right country, anyone saying it's better is either referring to something very specific (like the transit system) or has been caught by its propaganda (probably via anime)

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@deejvalen @AgathaSorceress I like Japan, I've visited numerous times and I enjoyed it. But it's a xenophobic country with a lot of social problems and you cannot simply ignore that.

Westeners too easily fall into the trap of having an anime-like depiction of the country, when they would never think a sitcom in their own country is an accurate depiction of daily life there.

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