Good book thus far but the short story which the book is named after is too bloody confusing for my simple brain.

I need to be a bit more quick and fluid with my response when I’m asked what I do for a living. I tend to pause. Clearly, I haven’t rehearsed this well enough.

β€œI’m retired” opens up to more questions like β€œwhat did you do before?” or β€œyou’re too young, do you have a sugar daddy?”

β€œI’m a spy” is outlandish and leads to β€œare you in the illegal business?” or β€œhahaha you’re funny, but seriously what do you do for a living?”

β€œI’m a rich brat” is repulsive and most untrue. It does shut them up.

I feel like I’m shamelessly promoting my country. β€œCome to Switzerland! Admire its beauty. Don’t leave your trash behind. Ok, you’ve overstayed, now leave.”

So graceful and calming. I could watch these speed skaters for hours. Alas, I watched my friend play ice polo.

No, the horses were not on skates.

Rallye Monte Carlo - fortunately, the driver and co-driver survived unscathed. These cars are properly built to save lives.

This must be what being in Bachelorette feels like. Having to decide which one I'll allow to take me home tonight.

Ah hell, why not both.

Owner of the car is picking up his new toy after all. He still wants me to tag along so I’ll probably spend some time in the factory watching Lambos get built.

Ugh. Having to wait a year and a half for the finale of a book series is painful. I must know how it ends. Immediately!

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