question: can you import followers into here?

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@alexdobrenko I mean, you could tell your Twitter followers they should consider migrating to Mastodon and tell them how to find you here. Does that count?

But also, Mastodon is not Twitter. The big, main, important difference is... followers don't matter for shit here. Your audience, such as it is, comes from the people on your instance who are your "local timeline" content creators. And then they all have interests and things they follow which appear in Federated timeline. Which means -

@alexdobrenko Having and building an audience here on Mastodon, unlike Twitter, is about having interesting things to say and engaging with people in realistic, human-like ways. Doing that builds the conversations you have, which increases the number of people who see and engage in those conversations (and with you) organically.

Which is better for everyone, except the engagement-addicted surveillance capitalism purveyors. And fuck them, frankly.

@alexdobrenko In early mastodon days there was mastodon-bridge which would link your twitter account to your mastodon account, and then go through the people you follow on twitter and list their mastodon accounts if they also used the tool.

The twitter api, predictably, broke this. I don't think there's a new way to speak of.

@[email protected] lolol of course twitter api would fuck that up.

Honestly I'm sorta digging just being a noobie on here without any of my twitter baggage for now

@alexdobrenko The local and federated timelines are your friend for finding new peeps! Also browse the #introduction hashtag! Hashtags are super useful for finding people with similar interests across different (or the same) instances

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