its wild being on here cuz I realize how much of my approach to posting on was through the lens of 'how do I make this a viral'

I don't feel that at all here and frankly? it feels good

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OTOH much of my personal posting on twitter was through the lens of "God I hope this does not go viral" and that isn't as much of a problem here either.


I'm not saying my posts on twitter all blew up, I'm saying I didn't want them to. Because when they did it was a pain in the ass. It's not even fun to use.

@alexdobrenko same here. Also, it does not matter what you like or repost. No #algorithm is gonna fuzz with your timeline or anything 🤷‍♂️

@alexdobrenko I didn't, but I did see Twitter increasingly as a firehouse of event reporting, rather than as the community it once was.

all this (at least right now) has that cosy community feel I've been missing.

I hope it stays that way. I hope the federation aspect encourages it as it is expected to.

@alexdobrenko Yeah -- nothing i ever did was even remotely viral in nature, so usually my friends never saw things from me; in an auditorium of people yelling, i couldn't be arsed to raise my voice 😉 The conversational style of the fediverse is much more to my liking 😄

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