I was putting together the edited highlights episode for November on the Very Hicken Bros podcast, but it was taking too long. I do have this week’s Talk to You Later Show episode though. followmystream.com/alexnhicken

My content is now affiliated with NoName Nerd. It is a very supportive and generous community to help gamers, streamers, and content creators establish their brand. They even gave me a WordPress website. Check it out at followmystream.com/alexnhicken to learn more.

By request of an interested YouTube audience member, I added chapters to season 5’s videos. youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9M

Have you considered how true internet search results would look? How do advertisements effect them? Try Neeva. youtu.be/qlBEI7tV1YU

Polkadot’s Parachain Auction Schedule Has Been Unveiled: Here Are 5 Projects That Stand
entrepreneur.com/article/39598 | @trevorhicken

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