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Ah, the Steam forum. What a wonderful place.

Where all my #Linux hackerfam at?

lewd probably 

Normalize being led on a leash publicly

I want a drawing of a pony, any recommendations of artists? everyone I looked up had commissions closed and I'm kinda lost


open to open 

You opened it congratulations :)

Last year I started to really get into more complex backgrounds. Especially urban areas, perspective and less "natural" sceneries were what I wanted to challenge myself at. So I drew my #OCs (as I always do) in their natural surroundings - a modern urban city filled with #graphicdesign puns and references!

I think I actually got some kind of coherent story out of it - completely unplanned!

[ #MastoArt #Procreate #art #OriginalCharacter #LGBT #LGBTQ ]

#MastoTips - if you're on the instance - it's a good idea to look for a more community-specific instance. can be a bit of a fire-hose, so some instances restrict messages from it (e.g., one of the bigger #furry #furryfandom instances).

Check out to find a community-oriented instance, and read the rules before joining
Remember you can migrate easily from instance to instance! (I'm on my 3rd!)

Fellow newbies: If you seem to be missing an area/tab for DMs, you may have to add it.

Here's how to do so in the app.

Swipe left-to-right to open a menu of options, and select Account Preferences to begin.

As in the images below, Tabs > Add > Direct Messages.

#FediTips don’t use your legal name as your username when you sign up because there’s a pretty good chance you will want to change it within a year or two

This is not really a joke

hi new users!

over here its commonplace to communicate by making cute animal noises at each other, most commonly meow

personally i can highly recommend trying out rawr and rerr, very underrated imo


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