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Game writers/press! Content creators! Dev friends! 👋

We should follow each other! It'd be mutually beneficial! A lot of my friends on here are very UK-skewed, which I'd love to expand.

So, share this, say hi, let's all follow each other 🙏

Made it so that, in my (), mints and edits this week will have a small extra to celebrate !
They were already dynamic and you could write your own messages so I took it a step further!

Just finished migrating yet it wouldn't let me use my old email so I ended up just deleting the old account. Maybe I lack experience, Twitter just allows me to change the username.


Just a reminder, we require you to describe your images on

It's really important for people who can't see your images to know what's going on!

Not sure how?
I have a guide for that!

... or if you want a solar powered version of my site...

TikTok is a data mining machine. It allows China to "see everything". 🧐🧐🧐

Better quit #TikTok and protect your private data; start with email. #Tutanota 💪😎

Just migrated this account. It's cool that Mastodon has this feature!

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