@saxnot @stux Some say NFTs were just to make more people want Crypto. Of course money+convenience leads to scams.

@saxnot @stux Pretty much, the love for acronyms is strong in those parts.

@saxnot @stux Good Morning, you'll find it all over the place on Twitter.

@stux More like person with a lot of Followers, some times bots, and they get banned from Twitter for it. 😆

@phryk Agreed, that was a great solution but, as you said, it only officially supports Dart so maybe Google had something to do with it.

@melunaka I didn't know, it's one of those features that was always just there.
(On my current distro it's called Workspace)

@phryk I understand how you feel. What is it with everyone wanting to use node and a bunch of packages instead of a simple offline script...

@phryk That's worrying, Wonder if people will migrate to an alternative such as LESS or Stylus.

@melunaka Well it's pretty funny to find Windows implementing some things from Linux now (for instance: Multiple Environments)

Game writers/press! Content creators! Dev friends! 👋

We should follow each other! It'd be mutually beneficial! A lot of my friends on here are very UK-skewed, which I'd love to expand.

So, share this, say hi, let's all follow each other 🙏

@[email protected] They're pretty awesome and people can get so creative when they're not chained to reality.

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