I'm lying in a hospital bed alone. I have pancreatitis... again. In the middle of a pandemic of stupid I have to go to where sick people are to stop my body from shutting down due to a preexisting condition. Had to drive an hour in a snowstorm to get here. Can't eat or drink anything. Antenna TV. FML

@anemone0079 I made it home without contracting another unrelated condition. We've determined that some medications that keep me alive are responsible. So, we are giving my body a chance to heal from the damage caused before we try another poison to keep me alive. After battling this for 30+ years, I'm getting tired of trying.

Thank you so much for being the single person to notice my plight. Another reason I tire of trying is the lack of humanity left with the majority of people in the world.

@anemone0079 thank you for being a diamond in a sea of slugs. I wish you well

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