@Maya @maperal @antonio @claudiom @snowdusk @huitlacoche @Gemlog @hardmous @buttstuf It's that time of the week again! Time for the eighth episode of the copacetic music hour! This time featuring legendary folk musician of the Brazilian desert northeast Luiz Gonzaga. Tune in at 10 pm EDT tomorrow on @tilderadio or 8 pm EDT on Saturday at #anonradio.

@maperal @claudiom @Maya @antonio @snowdusk @huitlacoche @Gemlog @hardmous @buttstuf @tilderadio I am OK because I 1) always wear a helmet, 2) the driver stopped promptly after hitting me, and 3) I have bruises instead of broken bones, in three main spots (left knee, bum, and elbow).


@guofu oh no! I hope you recover from the bruises soon!

@antonio Thanks Antonio! I'm taking a few days off biking lol. Next time, only bus racks, sidewalks, and trails!

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